Over the last three months there has been a lot of activity in preparation for the next chapter in the life of Concordia.

  • We appointed a Ministry Site Profile Team;
  • Selected a Call Committee;
  • Conducted a congregational survey using the Church Assessment Tool (CAT)
  • Welcomed Pastor Rolf Hedberg as our Transitional Pastor

I am happy to announce that our Ministry Site Profile and 7 Reflections documents have been completed, approved by the Congregation Council and submitted to the Office of the Bishop.  The next step is for the Office of the Bishop to begin the process of matching our Profile to potential candidates.

On Monday September 29th you will receive an email which will include three documents,

  • our Ministry Site Profile;
  • 7 Reflections document; and
  • a summary of the Vital Signs Survey results

If you do not have email, copies of these documents will be available in the church office.  On Sunday, October 12th after church you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about information in these documents.

We thank the Mission Site Profile Committee of John Corl, Petey Goodrich, Kristin Ramondetta, David Smith, Tina Sollinger-Ruggerio and Fred Winzler for their time and talents in facilitating the survey and developing the Profile and 7 Reflections documents.

October is already proving to be a very busy month for Concordia.

  • October 4th – the Greater Hartford Conference, God’s Work, Our Hands Day of Service (Concordia is hosting the assembling of the Lutheran World Relief personal hygiene kits from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.).  We are still in need of bath towels to meet our goal of 50 for this event.  Other churches in the Conference have donated enough soap and clippers to assemble 100 kits.  We will know by early the week of September 29th if we still need additional toothbrushes and combs.
  • October 12th – Profile, 7 Reflections and survey summary discussion session
  • October 19th – Sunday Dinner at CW’s Chop and Catch
  • October 26th – Faith in Action, Within our Walls (see additional information in separate article)

Thank you for your continued faithfulness through your prayers, attending worship and giving regularly to continue our mission through this time of transition.

Carol Stoneman

Congregation Council President





“As faithful stewards we have the responsibility
 of taking care God’s house and its surroundings.”

 Where you white “Faith in Action” tee shirt to church and join in the fun of working together to spruce up both our interior and exterior spaces on Sunday, October 26th after church.

What will be happening on that day?

  • Our regular 10:00 a.m. church service
  • Lunch at the conclusion of church
  • Activities we’ll be tackling on that day are:

  • Items from the punch list from “Rebuilding God’s House”
    • Second coat of paint on some walls
    • Touch-up painting
  • Fall outside clean-up
  • Fixing the drainage problem in the Worship & Memorial Garden
    • Requires manpower with shovels for digging

If you know of any other small projects that you or a small group would like to tackle there will be a sheet available on the bulletin board beginning September 29th. .  Sign-up sheets for the projects listed above will also be available on the 29th on the bulletin board.

We have a beautiful facility and grounds, let’s work together to make sure it stays that way.